We remember 911

A message for the world "You don't weep alone" 911 Original song

You don't weep alone an inspirational song to capture your heart and heal your soul

This is a song that was written within one week following the tragic event 911. I wrote it just as I felt it was downloaded to me from the heavenlies. My desire was to get it into the hands of every victim who lost a loved one. The dream still lives. You can listen to this song and enjoy. You also have an opportunity to purchase a copy or a few copies and/or give a donation to fulfill this dream.

Click here to visit the page if you'd like to purchase or make a donation. Please feel free to leave your comments and when you do receive a copy tell us where you are. When you send to a loved one post where they are.

Thank you.

Robin G. Tramble

Saturday, September 19, 2009

As you go through your challenges remember Father God believes in you

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa

Pain, disappointment, sorrow and loss will come to each of us.
What do we do with it? How do we get through?
In everything know that Father God believes in you and
your ability to get through it.

Cast your care on Him for He cares for you.

He's waiting too help you do whatever it is that you need to do.
You can go to him and talk to Him like a Father, because His is.
He is your Daddy (Abba) Father.

Rest in Him and tell Him all about it and then listen.
Yes, draw ever so closely to Him and listen.
He knows the plans that He has for you, plans to prosper
and for an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

And remember, "You don't weep alone."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I shall never forget this day.

My heart ached and tears flowed continually down my face.
Many questions entered my mind.

What a day of pain and maybe some confusion and yes anger by many.
Where was God? This was a question communicated by many I'm sure.
Does He care? Why? Why? Why?

I received a download of the song "You don't weep alone" on that day.
I began writing and playing, singing and playing and playing as the tears

Just 3 months ago my husband shared that a gentlemen wept unendlessly
while listening to my song and I knew then that I must not stop
people still need to hear this song.

I will list the lyrics for your reading.

You can listen here : http://budurl.com/youdontweepalone911

If there is anyone who experienced the passing of a loved one and would
desire to have a copy please let me know. My dream is to get it into
the hands of many.

You don't weep alone
"A message for the world from the heart of Father God"
(c) 2001 Robin Tramble for Trambleco Publishing

Since the beginning of time
I only wanted your fellowship
I even gave man the will, the right to choose
Although I desired that... they'd follow my plan
I'm not a man that I should lie so I yielded to
Yielded to the will of man....

So many, loved one's friends family are gone on now
and to tell the truth in our hearts there remains
the question how
Could this be and is God up there and does
God really care?

You don't weep alone
I weep with you and for the choice of men
giving in to their evil ways
It was not my choice it was not my plan but the choice of man
outside my hand

Don't you be deceived
I'm the one you need
you need to know
I am still God

Go and enjoy the song here

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dreams come true You don't weep alone 911 shared across the world

Today marks the day of dreams come true.

I wrote You don't weep alone within one week following
the tragic event on September 11, 2001.
My dream then was that it would be heard across the world.
Well, life happens and sometimes we let various things get
in the way of our diligence in pursuing our dreams.

"Confession of Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva"

Last night I spoke to an awesome group of women during
my preview call about a burning desire. I didn't know how
much it would affect me. I was scheduled to go into the studio
with my son immediately following. I was tired and wanted to rest
but something kicked in "my burning desire" to see my dream
manifested in 2009. So I got up prepared and my husband encouraged
me to go ahead as I contemplated post poning once again. Life purpose
and a passionate burning desire allowed me to lay
some tracks for another power song soon to be released "Set time."
My family was proud and we felt a sense of destiny and dreams alive.

I remember my husband calling me sharing with me that a gentelman was
in tears while listening to You don't weep alone. It was then that I knew
the dream was still alive and the song must be heard, expecially by
some of those who lost loved ones as a result.

Today that burning desire was still present and I pushed against
talking about it and planning and found myself passionately setting
up the posting of a clip of my song. Today September 4 one week before
September 11 it will be heard across the world!

This song will capture your heart and heal your soul as you fly
on the wings of Hope, Faith and love. Go have a listen here